side NOUN 1) a position to the left or right of an object, place, or central point. 2) either of the two halves of something regarded as divided by an imaginary central line. 3) an upright or sloping surface of a structure or object that is not the top or bottom and generally not the front or back. 4) each of the flat surfaces of a solid object. 5) each of the lines forming the boundary of a plane rectilinear figure. 6) each of the two surfaces of something flat and thin, e.g. paper. 7) each of the two faces of a record or of the two separate tracks on a cassette tape. 8) a part or region near the edge and away from the middle of something. 9) (before another noun ) subsidiary or less important: a side dish. 10) a person or group opposing another or others in a dispute or contest. 11) a particular aspect: he had a disagreeable side. 12) a person's kinship or line of descent as traced through either their father or mother. 13) a sports team. 14) Brit. informal a television channel. 15) Brit. informal boastful or pretentious manner or attitude.
VERB (side with/against) support or oppose in a conflict or dispute.
from side to side — Cf. ↑from side to side
no side — Cf. ↑no side
on the side — Cf. ↑on the side
side by side — Cf. ↑side by side
take sides — Cf. ↑take sides
DERIVATIVES sided adjective sideward adjective & adverb sidewards adverb.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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